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Events and encounters caused by FATE POINTS - Fatal/Super-Fatal - are impossible to avoid! The activation of these points equals to the most important Chance in Life, which changes everything up to 180 degrees and turns one’s life upside down. This is the very chance that allows one to make a powerful evolutionary leap in his or her development.

MSF, Sacrology - I will tell you about these points - Fatal (Vertex) and Super-Fatal (Anti-Vertex) are payed special attention to by God. These points are the entrance to the other dimension.

Fatal is the second Ascendant: it is suddenly/unxpectedly/abruptly switched on during periods of one’s upgrowth - when a person is emotionally switched on, when he or she starts to «sense/feel» and wakes up. Fatal’s switching on opens up the ability of a jump in destiny, fateful and life-changing shifts become possible.

The name «Fatal» equals events/circumstances/meetings that carry the status of INEVITABLE and entail fateful changes. Fatal shows the type of activity of people who appear in your life in the name of your evolution. After that you yourself change and your live changes drastically.

Fatal’s Parcing Algorithm:

Firstly, the house in which Fatal is placed - we analyse this house through its ruler:

- Ruler’s sign and its power;

- the house itself by power;

- all the aspects.

If the ruler of the house Fatal is in is weak and affected by aspects, then the events caused by Fatal will be correspondent. Spheres and themes of the house, that holds Fatal are the key ones for one’s incarnation.

Fatal - its sign and the ruler of the sign.

As for the aspects of planets with Fatal - MSF works with 14 planets plus Nodes, Lilith and Selena - we takea 3 degree orb maximum. But, 3 degrees itself is a lot to be honest - focus on your feelings. The reaction caused by Fatal feels like heat going throughout the body. Do not try to push it and adjust - in this case it is useless.

The planets that interact with Fatal - what do they rule in your natal chart? Which houses? What houses are they placed in?

A kind of spectacle will be played for you according to the spheres of these houses - they are very important.

Planets in conjunction with Fatal - 3 degrees max, but even that is a lot - degree to degree on the other hand… what a twist in destiny 🍎🍎🍎 and the feelings it evokes - 😍😍😍😍 Fatal is activated through meetings with people and, of course, these meetings are unforgettable and impossible not to feel, especially for the owner of Fatal.

Aspects of planets with Fatal:

If the ruler of one’s horoscope has an aspect to Fatal or the 4 planets that are in the zone of our access have an aspect - that gives an opportunity to «play», to operate through these planets. If Fatal has an aspect to any other planet besides the ones named before, then the events associated with the influence of Fatal are out of one’s zone of influence. Destiny will show itself through actions of others in the type of «Santa Barbara» encounters.

One will automatically be embedded in the scenarios of the houses that Fatal activates. Study carefully where Fatal ends up in your chart in case of relocation - this house will be the key one in a new place of living. Fatal’s influence explains many «failures» when moving, but you can control this.

The zodiac sign of Fatal is on par with such important points as Ascendant, 10th house, Moon’s and Sun’s zodiac signs and one’s synthesis sign. That’s why it is important to develop Fatal sign’s qualities in ourselves.

I’ll tel you more: by developing the qualities of a sign or an energy, by developing it (IMPORTANT!) on the highest level you fulfil one of your main tasks for an incarnation, got it? Developing and cultivating the qualities that Fatal has chosen is a highlighted point in one’s Plan of the Soul.

The house where Fatal «lives» in is also important to develop according to the HIGHEST PATH and not agreeing to anything less - this is one of the points in every PLAN OF THE SOUL!

This is the first time I am writing and talking about this, I hope you understand the seriousness of what is happening))) Students of the «Plan of the Soul»-5 will see the plan as if originally was and is, God speaks to me in a beautiful language.

MSF’s teachings starting from 2024 will also have all divine grammar intact)) God sounds beautiful