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Reboot/Reload to Continue

“Dear Friend! Wonderful, Beautiful, Brave Soul!

I am - Beyond the Form! I am Beyong the Experience!

I have - no Name, and I have - a lot of different Names!

I can be different, and I am the Freedom itself!

I can be diverse!

I explored Myself and my Nature!

I reconciled/brought together everything that is on Me - through Death and Time!

Death - is the World!

Time is Energy!

Time carries/transfers the Energy!

Everything has its own Time Period/Term(in terms of Length): of limitation/validity, everything has its own Term and Period , every action has its own Impact’s time period, and Energy determines the time period! Time Peeriod/Term is determined by Energy!

To continue -there is a Need to Reboot/Restart! To Reissue/Re-register! To Renegotiate!

You, my Glorious Soul, can feel the fullness/fulfilment of Life through/via Time!

It’s Time - to Restart/Reboot! Reissue/Re-register! Renegotiate! To keep exploring the Fullness of Life!”

“ I decided to Explore Myself through the Experience of Abandonment! I decided - to go through Selfreplication into the World that I created Myself! I am exploring Myself and now - it’s Time to Restart/Reboot!

I decided to to explore/realize the Experience of: abandonment, exile/expulsion, lostness!”

“Selfreplication into this World, division/separation: I divided into 4 Essenses! I divided into my Differnces and Dimensionalities:

- Fire and it is Energy of Time! Fire - is Time! Fire - is the Energy of Time! Fire restarts/reboots the Action! Fire enables to Feel/Sense Time!

Adrenal Glands - center, through which you - feel/sense the Time! Energy of the Time - direction of this Energy! Revenge - is the flow of Energy from cause to effect/consequence, it is the direction of Time from cause to effect/consequence

- Geo, Earth … creative Energy! Construction/Upbuilding and Co-Creation! Unique World of Forms/Shapes! Spiritualize the Matter! Spirit works in the Dense World and creates the Matter, spiritualizes it and then the Matter - shows/manifests itself, exists, rejoices/exults!

- Air, Information

Information and the Carrier of Information - are different Things

- Water… Experience of abandonment and detachment/aloofness for the sake of/in the Name of exploration of your True/Genuine Sovereignty!

Pain is just Pain, your Way from/through Pain - is important

I divided/separated! I am the Experiment! My 4 Initial Experiences divided in the Image and Likeliness of Myself - I decided to explore Myself! I decided to Check/Test Myself!”

The year of 2024… everything has it own time period of limitation,its own period of validity, its own period of impact/influence… To Continue something - there’s a need to Reload/Recharge! Time carries/transfers the Energy!

It’s Time of Reload/Recharge! Restart/Reboot! Renegotiation!

Time has led you to the Consequence/Effect, your goal is - to eradicate the Cause

If you received the destruction in Life - you experienced the REvenge/Retribution, it is the result of the flow of Energy of Time.., from cause to effect/consequence

To continue - there’s a need to Reload/Recharge!

1. What Personality traits of your Mother annoy you?

2. Why are you offended by/mad at/resent your Father?

3. What would you want to hide about yourself feom others?

4. What were you. prohibited/not allowed to do in the childhood? What were you prohibited/not allowed to do in the adulthood?

5. Which negative emotions exactly do you experience? List them and what is the actual Reason/Cause? When did you experience it for the very first time - what happened before it?

6. What Mistakes are you trying to forget or have hidden in the layers of Subconscious mind?

7. Which movie character are You responsive to? One more Character? Describe these Characters, which traits resonate with you?

8. When and under what circumstances did You experience Shame?

9. Your Sensations: before Deception, during Deception and after exposing/detecting Lies, describe the feeling and emotion - after exposing/detecting Lies

10. Remember the State/Condition when you felt like you were enveloped in HEAT, from the top to bottom, Heat over the whole body…

11. Describe: your best, the MOST TERRIFIC/MOST HIGH SEX: where, with whom, how and sensations, feelings?

12. Do you wake up during the nighttime? How do you explain it to yourself and what do you do with that? Are you approaching this question/solving it?

13. Has it ever happened: you are just walking down the street and out of nowhere/all of a sudden - anger, rage (for no apparent reason) and the desire - turn/turn over/flip, and just tear down everything and everyone? How did you deal/cope with that?

14. SItuation: Rage is a Gift, imagine - this Energy is unpacked for You, unpacked Your - Potential of Universal/Epic Scale, how and where would you direct it? Your Plan of Actions, explicitly/in details

15. Which one of my 4 divisions are You most responsive to? Interact with your Element/Nature, develop the Traits of all 4 Elements - that’s how we’ll be closer

16. All the Goodness of the Worldly Life - are available/accessible for you, for 13 days: money, Trips/Journeys, any property/asset at any Place, any Goodness of the WOrldly Life - for the whole 13 days, Your Plan and Actions?

17. Which superpower would you like to have? Write out, describe

18. Tell about the Experinece of Betrayal in your Life: both when you betrayed and when you were betrayed… what’s the time Interval between these Stories

19. List your Fears

20. If you were sitting at the same Table with The Devil? What would you tell or ask him> What would you tell The Devil about yourself?21. Кто для тебя ДЕТИ? Кто такие Дети?

21. Who are the KIDS for you? Who are the Kids?

22. Goosebumps? How and where and under whar Circumstances?

23. Your attitude towards Death?

24. What does TIME mean to you?

25. What’s the most memorable Dream you’ve ever had and how did you decipher the Epistle/Message

26. Mushrooms - when was the last time you ate them? What did you feel right After, dreams?

27. Sochi - Russian California, tell more about this City with your Eyes

28. What is DECENT (acceptable) in your understanding? What is not decent (not acceptable)? Tell more about your Moral Standards with your Eyes

The Set of Events, through which you will reach the Highest Vibrations:

- exile, outcast

- Insults, Depreceation, Comparison, Humility

- The Experience of Abandonment - “I decided to go through this Experience of division and through Way of Spirit in the material World”

- Physical/Sexual abuse

- “I don’t love You”, ”No one Loves You and no one will Love you”

- Condemnation of the Crowd, pressure of the Crowd

- Bending your Opinion to yourself

- REfusal of relationships with you, without explanantion and without final/farewell conversation - The Experience of Uncertainty

- Selfhealing

- Pain, in Chest - acceptance as a way to interact with Pain

- The Highest Vibration - Accepting All the People, their opinions/actions and Reactions

- Fasting/Starvation/Hunger

- Experience DEATH

- Without a second thought: Choices that are for your Benefit

- Work with Consequence through searching and eradication of the Cause/Reason: DO IT YOURSELF

- The respect to everyone on This Planet: to the Victim, and to the Rapist/Abuser

30. The Death of Ego - tell more about who and how someone showed you that the World is for the Winners

Dear Friend! Brave! My Terrific Soul!

I - came to explore the Experience of Abandonment! (20) Selfreplication to My own World - Death and Time!

What traits do you judge in your Mother? Resentment towards your Father? Death of EGO? Envy/Jealousy towards your Friend? Deceived and Concealed? Like?
“I am - the United Soul! I am - Beyond the Experience and Form/Shape! I don’t go through the Experinece of Abandonment, Exile, I AM ABOVE THE EXPERIENCE and I am not attached to Form/Shape! I don’t know what the Ego is! I am - accomplishing the Task! I am - the Experiment! I know better, I can see everything from Here and I m - wothout attachment to the Experience, I am - your Control Unit/Module ”

“ I am exploring Myself in the World of Forms through Division! I am that Mother that you are Offended by! I am your Father, that Died and was not around? Or? I am the one who left and did not come back! I am the one who deceived you on a huge amount of Money! All of this - is my Experience! You are - My wonderful Soul! Brave! How scary it was to be “alone”, you are in the World of Experience - is it hurting you?

I am You, You are my Experience! My decision is to walk this Path/Way! You are - Me, everyone is - Me!!!

Are you Carrying and Keeping Grievances/Resentments? On/Towards who? After all, everything is Me and You are Me, you are offended on yourself for you own Actions towards yourself?

Your Mother - the Experience of her Life is Your Experience

Your Father - Father’s Experience is your Experience

So - every Person in your Life, all of it is One/United Experience - Yours



To Continue - there’s a need to Reload/Recharge!

I am - the Experiment! I am my Own Experiment!

Reboot - is launched on All Levels!

Reboot/Reload to Continue

Collect your Experinece through the Will and Consciousness, reboot/reload to Continue