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Lilith in Virgo

With Love and Respect, MSF welcomes you! A new post about Lilith in Virgo from me, as promised 🏆

What exactly is Lilith?

Lilith embodies all the negative experience accumulated by one during the whole chain of his or her incarnations. Here and now, this experience is represented in your natal chart by the sign of Lilith, the house she is positioned in and by her aspects with planets.

Negative experiences are those that have brought destruction and emotional breakdowns to one’s life. That are the experiences that have caused harm to your life and to the lives of others around you.

Lilith is a lady with character! Just like a true woman in all her beauty, she wants to demonstrate herself, to make herself known, to show and prove that she is RIGHT and that she EXISTS)) Speaking as earthly laymen, since Lilith does not have a physical body she manifests herself through a ruler planet of her zodiac sign and through her aspects with planets. The strongest aspect is CONJUNCTION! Lilith sucks the energy out of the planets, distorting their nature. Remember this: Lilith feeds on emotions and so, by emoting you feed your negative experience.

At the same time Lilith represents the accumulated experience that is a priori built into each and every of us, EXPERIENCE! One can reach a new evolutionary spiral by relying on this experience and working with it. You need to just RECOGNIZE it, here awareness is what matters.

Lilith is a primordial basis, she is the DARKNESS that originally existed. If you pass the emotional stage of working with Lilith, she will open a channel to the very depths, to the Libraries of the Outlands… You should PLAY, give in and play along, talk to people - in this case, with Lilith - in their language… you remember this rule, don’t you? Give a person what he or she wants, let him or her be right and don’t be sorry to do that, that’s what working with EGO is. The same with Lilith - recognise and accept her.

«YES! You were and forever will be the first, you are unruly and of character, you laid all the channels and explored them all! The point of where we all are now is your merit, no need to fight - I recognize it all! I acknowledge MYSELF IN YOU, YOU ARE LILITH AND YOU EXIST!»

Girls, this first and foremost applies to you!

The topic of today is Lilith in Virgo. I am not indifferent to this zodiac sign, but let’s go in order: Lilith distorts the Virgo sign, how does that happen? What experience is built in a person with such Lilith?

1. Inability to forgive and relax

Virgo’s original and true ruler is a planet called CERES that resides in a beautiful 6th house.

Did this confusion with VIRGO’S ruler appear out of nothing? Of course not!

Virgo hides her inability to FORGIVE, her fear to just relax and to admit that all she wants is LOVE, her fear to openly state the desire to merge with the FATHER (THE SOURCE) behind her constant striving for perfection: putting everything in order, color to color, sock to sock, shirt to shirt and so on, is that a negative thing? No it’s not; is it scary to oversleep one day and miss the sorting? Also not, but Lilith in Virgo can perceive this to be a tragedy.

It is necessary to just learn to relax, relax and let go of control, just do it!

2. Striving for perfection that causes constant self-criticism and criticism of others, self-abuse of level 80

Virgo is a sign of HYGIENE, HYGIENE exactly… Lilith in Virgo will pick up all the dirt, will get to all the details and drown in them without seeing the overall picture. The situation is similar to getting lost in a forest: you find yourself alone among the trees and can’t see a way out, you can’t see your salvation because you don’t pay attention to the bigger picture.

Lilith in Virgo brings up all the dirt: who did something right/wrong and what they did exactly, who lied or didn’t lie to someone and so on. Lilith in Virgo looks for a catch in everything with a constant desire to clean it all up. The question is: is there really a catch? Lilith needs your emotional breakdown, as that is a way to manifest herself and show that she EXISTS.

3. Pettiness along with nagging, judging and criticizing anything and everything

4. HEALTH is a separate topic. LILITH in Virgo makes herself known through one’s firm belief that he or she is definitely sick. The search for the disease, examinations and multiple visits to doctors, taking and re-taking medical tests, anticipations, unclear diagnoses on whether the disease really is there or not - all of this causes emotional breakdowns. That is the way Lilith’s self-declaration goes.

This also includes taking various pills to treat imaginary, unproven illnesses that are not manifested - that brings even greater harm to oneself. I’ll tell you what: there is no disease! Just relax, accept Lilith and recognise that she does exist.

LILITH IN VIRGO is also about the digestive process of anything: drugs, food, certain products. Even prescription vitamins and drugs are not absorbed by the holder’s of such Lilith body, that is the program 🤷🏼‍♀️…

5. Next, a program on domestic animals with such Lilith: leaving pets in trouble; abandoning pets in trouble

Domestic animals (the 6th house) portray a scenario, through which we serve PEOPLE… as long as you are in a process of accepting this service of the 6th house, you won’t reach the service of Absolute (the 12th house)… The 6-12 houses’ axis is considered to be the most difficult as it is one's path to Absolute. Sooner or later you will reach the 12th house and Absolute will create conditions for your deep self-discovery. That can turn out to be either a journey to the ocean for example, or staying in prison, in the darkness and many other things that make your veins swell. The service of the 6th house is an important stage. Don’t abandon animals, respect your coworkers and learn to relax and to accept different events.

That is what the program of Lilith in Virgo includes. If you are a possessor of such Lilith and you went through a scenario where you abandoned pets, left them sick or hungry - that means the scenario was repeated. Such Lilith is perfectly worked out by caring for a pet, even it all out!

What kind of provocations, caused by Lilith in Virgo, will take place starting from October 4th, 2023 till June 30, 2024? Of course, this information concerns those, who are facing the return of Lilith or have Lilith placed in the 6th house of a natal chart/in aspect with Ceres/those, who have planets and important fictional points (Ascendant) in Virgo:

- pettiness, criticism, nagging, PANIC ATTACKS, avarice, talkativeness;

- irresponsible attitude to health, errors in diagnoses/medical tests, all resulting in depression

- irresponsible attitude to daily and sleep regimen, lack of daily regime, «dirty» diet

- vice versa: a fixation on regimen and «proper» diet

- an obsession over PLANNING, nagging and pestering co-workers

- scheming, making things up, complaints about people’s behaviour in situations that don’t concern you

- forcefully accustoming others to order and discipline, «forsing» all in all

- purposeful distortion of information, prejudice against anyone, double game, intrigues at work and on topics connected with work

- open aversion to pets (one’s own/others') or on the contrary total, excessive guardianship of one’s own/others’ animals

- fixation on cleanliness or hygiene

Lilith distorts everything, she gives illusions and wants emotion from you. If you emote - she wins.

Remember this rule: show your breed if you feel that you’re on the edge of emoting. That means getting out of a conversation/out of a room/out of communication, anything except emoting. Emotion equals loosing and putting yourself back together after something like that is a whole quest.

Lilith feeds on emotions and this process has its own sacral meaning. She is bitter that she is the FIRST but punished because of her stubbornness and EGO. She wants to make herself known but such emotional shows make you lose yourself, you fall into the Black Hole and become angrier, although you’re the only one to blame for this result. Embrace yourself, including your dark side.

You’ll figure out by yourself which of the scenarios is yours. How will that happen? One of the scenarios is present and is being repeated in your life… that being said here we don’t draw on the reference to past lives. You do understand that past lives are an abstract concept, don’t you? Everything is happening right now and at the same time everything has already happened, there is only one point. Endlessly digging in your past lives is also an illusion, so don’t miss out on your life NOW!

Awareness and acceptance are just there and that’s it: I understand, I accept that, I freeze and work on my negative experience, I develop all these qualities to a higher order.

- bring the regime into your life and take responsibility for your actions;

- order in everything, hygiene and cleanliness have a place to be as it is Virgo’s energy, but if you want to drink - do it! If you want to sleep - do it, if you want to eat something that is out of your diet - do it! Learn to relax, if you want something - do it and then continue your routine on!);

Substitution, which is a secret replacement of one object by another (substitution of children, of parents, of husbands) is also a form of Lilith’s in Virgo program, and unfortunately I have seen such situations.

There is one aspect that we all have to realize: there is God and there are «three who know everything»… God is the invisible and inaudible POWER, everything that God invented and created for us was done by HIM and not by a man, get it?) He is just smiling when someone tries to «trick» Him. He looks at us from the inside, not from the above!) That is the essence of substitution and that is the program of Lilith in VIRGO.

WE LOVE YOU! Share your thoughts!

Lilith in Virgo and her supreme «SUBSTITUTION» program

Substitution is a SECRET replacement of one object by another:

- substitution of children, hence the appearance of a debt of Lilith in Virgo holders to children such as replacement and abandonment of children, abortions and dislike of children;

- substitution of love and feelings, hence the Lilith’s in Virgo program is the following: duty to women, hatred towards women coming from women themselves, hatred of men against women;

- substitution of safety, stealing someone else’s money and housing, hence the program of Lilith in Virgo if the following: deceits on the topic of your housing, document switching, loss of money and health.

Because of SUBSTITUTION the program of Lilith in VIRGO is one of the most toughest ones.

Holders of such Lilith, start analyzing: have similar scenarios played out in your life? Have you been set up for money? Have your medical certificates ever been swapped of have you done something like that? Have you faced difficulties with housing? Medical test mistakes or substitutions? Swapping babies at the birth center? That is exactly it and it’s the toughest program that I’ve unfortunately faced in real life.

As for the substitution of the concept of LOVE for those with Lilith in Virgo: have you ever been with an unloved person (especially women)? Have you ever been oppressed at work (especially women by women)? That is substitution and a result of your own actions. Now is a great time to close all these issues through acceptance and awareness.

Lilith’s in Virgo substitution… there exist higher level scenarios that cause consequences: the period of climatic catastrophes is waiting ahead of us during the passage of Lilith through the zodiac sign of Virgo. Thinking that you are God is also a substitution, God smiles and plays along and that is the deep sacred meaning of Lilith in Virgo.

A detailed article on Lilith in Virgo is here on the website, read it and share your thoughts. Firstly, do read it a several times and then share your thoughts!

Love, MSF 🦚